13 October 2015

Teri Williams has had a busy and successful time competing in a number of competitions during 2015.

Teri took part in the English Championships at Loughborough in March. Teri was in 23rd place overall out of 60 and achieved a bronze medal on vault.

Also in March, Teri passed her National Grade 1 at Wigan, and came 4th overall securing a place in the North West Team.

Teri competed for the North West Team in The National Finals in Stoke where she came top in the North West Team, 13th overall as an individual, with the team placed 6th.

During the North West Open in Wigan in June Teri won a gold medal on the vault and was placed 6th overall.

Teri is also current Lancashire Champion and a member of The Lancashire Gymnastics’ Squad.

In July Teri took part in the Challenge Cup in Guildford. She was placed 14th out of 80 and narrowly missed the British qualifying score by 0.6! She scored 45.4. Here Teri successfully competed with some new moves including her double back somersault on floor and a double back dismount off bars.

Well done Teri. We look forward to hearing more about Teri and her gymnastic success in future competitions.

Teri Williams

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