24 August 2017

Balshaw's Church of England High School have been celebrating some outstanding GCSE results.  


Among these students have been some outstanding individual achievements:


Eleanor Bird:  8 8 8 A* A* A* A* A* A* A  B.

Jessica Burt: 9 9  8 A* A* A* A* A* A* A* A*

Sulaimaan Choudhury: 9 8 7 A* A* A* A* A* A* A* B

Morgan Gaskell-French: 8 A* A* A* A* A* A*  A A in addition to an A* for A-Level Mathematics.

Jemma Gough:  8 8 8 A* A* A* A* A A A A B

Josh Seed: 9 9 8 A* A* A  A  B B B B 

Harry Clipston:  9 8 8 A* A* A* A A A A A

Luke Fermor:  8 8 7 A* A* A* A  A  A  A  C


In addition to this, more Balshaw's students have gained the EBacc set of qualifications than ever before (38%)


122 students achieved a standard pass in English and Maths (65.95%).

110 students achieved 5 or more standard passes including English and Maths (59.46%)

14% of results were at A*/A/7 or above


In Modern Foreign Languages 100% of all students gained a pass, with 82% gaining C or above in French and 91% gaining C or above in Spanish.


In a year where new grades have been introduced it is difficult for schools to make comparisons of one year with another.  Nationally the proportion of students receiving the top grades of A or 7 and above is the lowest it has been since 2007.  However, it is pleasing to see that the gap in performance between disadvantaged students and all other students continues to be narrowed for the third year in a row at Balshaw's.


Headteacher, Mr Haycocks, said "All students are to be congratulated on their hard work and we wish them all the best as they move on to study at college, start apprenticeships or undertake employment.  We are immensely proud of the students who worked so hard to meet their targets and the staff who supported their learning in and out of the classroom."