8 July 2019

During week beginning 1st July school celebrated school diversity week #SDW19.

In preparation for the week our students were very creative! They created wonderful bunting flags that are displayed in school in the entrance area and other main areas of the school.

Ruby-May Cadman and Ava Young designed two fabulous posters and they are on display in school and can be seen below:


There were wonderful events and activities throughout the week and here are some examples of what took place:

Staff - Mr Simpson and Mrs Henderson entered in to the spirit of things to celebrate all diversities that our school is lucky to have. Mr Simpson wore a rainbow tie and rainbow badge and Mrs Henderson wore a salwar kameez:



RE - In Ms Filler's Year 7 RE group the students made 'malas' garland bracelets to signify individuals' spirituality:

Food Technology - our students made delicious spaghetti bolognese in Food Technology:

MFL - Mrs Lylyk's lesson, students studied a poem which translated means  'We're all under the same sky':

ICT - In ICT, with Mr Mort, Year 7 students carried out a lesson on the Enigma Code, as founded by Alan Turing and his life and struggles with his sexuality:

English - In Mrs Carr's lesson the topic was learning about 'This is Me':

Poetry - an Incredible poem by one of our students in Year 8 - Jacqueline Daggers. Jacqueline read the poem out in House assembly on Thursday too.

See below and here:

Maths - Mrs Bishop’s Maths lesson the students looked at shapes in Islamic art and used compass work to create decorations for around classroom doors:

Our teaching departments planned some spectacular lessons and activities that took place over the week and here are the details of what the students experienced:

  • Additional support groups - lesson on the history of diversity in this country
  • Art - Year 9 are currently working on a map project, inspired by Ruth Piper's paintings. Students have already been asked to think of symbols which represent facilities found within their 'Ideal Community'. Discussions have taken place about catering for all age groups within society and it is our intention to ask students to include a symbol, which promotes diversity in their map work
  • Drama - play on ‘Diversity'
  • Design and Technology - completing activities with various sensory impairments
  • English - studying the poem 'Presents from my Auntie in Pakistan’
  • Food Tech - cooking a variety of cultural foods
  • Geography - lesson on migration of Polish people to the UK. We will look at the social and economic advantages and disadvantages brought to the host area. The aim is to overcome stereotypical views that migrants only bring disadvantages
  • History - women's rights - the Suffragettes
  • ICT - KS3 students will be having a lesson about Alan Turing where they will find out about the Turing Test which was the first test of Artificial Intelligence. Students will find out about attitudes towards homosexuality in the 1940's and 50's and how those attitudes have since changed. They will also learn about the work which Alan did in WW2 related to code breaking and will learn about cryptography and the Enigma machine. Lessons will be delivered throughout the week depending on when the classes are seen.
  • Maths - Islamic art and geometric design maths patterns and tesselations
  • MFL - women's world cup and French film on homophobia
  • Music - compositions of music from various cultural backgrounds - hip hop, dubstep, house, R n B, Chinese, electro funk
  • PSHE - diversity - focusing on equality of opportunity versus equality of outcome
  • PE – visually impaired football
  • RE – diversity peace bracelets. This is based on Buddhist chakras so we are looking to embrace different faiths and also to make a physical reminder of difference and acceptance
  • Science - diversity in the NASA Space Programme using film 'Hidden Figures' as a catalyst for discussion
  • Year 9 Assembly - taking part on the ‘Shell Big Assembly’ celebrating diversity in STEM careers
  • Year Assemblies - introducing Schools Diversity Week

Prior to Diversity week there was a careers visit to Leyland Trucks on Monday 24th June for International Women in Engineering Week.