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YEAR 7 2018

Welcome letter - September 2018

YEAR 8 2018

Welcome letter - September 2018

YEAR 9 2018

Welcome letter - September 2018

YEAR 10 2018

Welcome letter - September 2018

GCSE Exam Information

Dear Parent/Carer

As you are probably aware, GCSE examinations are changing significantly.  Most of these changes are affecting current Year 10 students, but the changes in Maths and English are already in effect for Year 11.

There are two helpful documents below to assist you in understanding what is required in the new Maths and English papers.  I urge you strongly to read these.

Key basic issues to be aware of are that:

  • There are no longer letter grades for GCSEs.  They are graded 1 - 9 (9 being the highest grade which is higher than the existing A* grade)
  • Any student not getting a 4 or above will be required to resit Maths and English until the age of 18 or until they achieve a 4 or above.
  • Although grade 4 is considered to be an 'awarding pass', grade 5 will be classed as a 'good pass'.  In other words, grade 5 is likely to become the new 'C grade' standard.

There is a lot more subject specific detail below.  It may be useful to discuss these with your son/daughter.



Kind regards,

Mr Steven Haycocks HEADTEACHER

YEAR 11 2018

Welcome Letter - September 2018


YEAR 7 2016

Year 7 Report

YEAR 8 2016

Year 8 Report

2017 Reports

Year 9 Summer Report

YEAR 10 2017

Letter to Parents/Carers - October 2017


Year 10 Summer Report


Dear Parent/Carer

Year 11 Parents' Evening is on Thursday 8th February starting at 4.00 pm – 7.00 pm. Your son/daughter has a page in their School Planner to make appointments and teachers will be looking to make these appointments over the coming days in the lead up to Parents' Evening. Parental attendance is encouraged as it helps to give you an indication as to how your child is doing at Balshaw's. Can we ask you please to encourage your child to make appointments and we look forward to seeing you on the evening. Some of our Year 11’s will be away on the Iceland Trip on that date but parents should still attend even if their son/daughter cannot. Feedback from the three science teachers who are supervising the trip will be provided to parents of Year 11 students in their class.

Yours sincerely


Mr J S Morgan

Deputy Headteacher