1 – 28 November 2023

Image of Staff Football Fundraiser - November 2023

On Tuesday 28th November, we are hosting another charity staff football fixture as a fundraising event!

  • Students wanting to watch must buy a ticket and show this to the members of staff stewarding the event on Tuesday 28th November
  • The fixture will start at 3:30pm and will finish for 4:15pm. Any students wanting to watch must inform their families
  • Tickets are £1 and can be bought from the PE office at break times and after school - not during lunch as staff are on duty
  • Mobile phones MUST NOT BE USED! Students who have their phones in their hand will have it confiscated and receive a day in inclusion

Here are the team details:

Mr Unsworth ©
Mr Duckworth
Mr Himsworth
Mr Hopkins
Mr Clipston
Mr Daniels
Mr Davidson
Ms Kidd

Mr O’Neill ©
Mr Blakeley
Mr Butler
Mr Newsome
Mr Claydon
Mr Coghlan
Miss Morgan
Mr Holland

We hope that the everyone enjoys the occasion and that we raise lots of money.

A reminder that mobile phones MUST NOT BE USED AT ALL during the event. Students caught with using phones will have it confiscated and spend a day in inclusion!

Mr O'Neill