21 June 2019

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the event. You are all amazing and we couldn’t do it without you!

The total so far is a stupendous £1,288.90!! – with even more to follow!! School are raising money for Heartbeat and you can read more about the wonderful work they do here.

It was a wonderful the event and there was a great atmosphere. The students were fantastic in their effort and teamwork they showed across the day. The staff team did amazing too! You will see from the numbers below that a lot of rowing took place and Mr Davidson is pretty sure we could have powered Leyland for a few hours if we were hooked up to generators!

The total meters rowed by all teams combined was 681,818m (or in other words nearly 682km!)

House Results (boys and girls teams combined)

  • 1st - FN (175,049m)
  • 2nd - WN (171,604m)
  • 3rd - CU (170,120m)
  • 4th - CL (165,045m)

Boys - Race Winners

  • 1st - FN (91,500m)
  • 2nd - CU (87,869m)
  • 3rd - WN (87, 516m)
  • 4th - CL (84,867m)

Girls - Race Winners

  • 1st - WN (84,088m)
  • 2nd - FN (83,549m)
  • 3rd - CU (82, 251m)
  • 4th - CL (80,178m)

Overall Championship Winners (the most important one!)

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