14 June 2021

Back in February 2020, we were really thrilled to hear that Charlotte, one of our students who was in Year 9, had won a national competition to design a football shirt for the Playstation F.C. Schools’ Cup.


There was a visit planned for Charlotte, two friends and staff, to go West Bromwich Albion Football Club in May 2020 to see her design in real life! Sadly, due the Coronavirus the visit couldn’t take place. However, in May 2021, Mr O’Neill received a very exciting parcel....see here, that contained shirts for Charlotte, her family, friends and one for school, which has been framed and is on display in the PE area.


It was amazing to see the shirt design in real life! You can see Charlotte and her friends, Olivia and Alissa, holding the shirt below along with a copy of the ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ for the shirt design:

Huge congratulations again to Charlotte and we would like to thank everyone at Playstation F.C. Schools’ Cup for putting this event on and supplying the students and school with the shirts.

Here is what Mr O’Neill said about the experience:

When we found out that Charlotte had finished in the top 10 in the country for her design, we were over the moon. The day out at West Bromwich Albion was such a great experience for the students who had the opportunity to go and it will go down for me as one of the best trips that I have been on.

Charlotte had the opportunity, at West Bromwich Albion, to actually see what her design would look like through the designing system used on the PlayStation team computers and Charlotte was given the chance to put in her final touches. The top 10 shirts then went out for vote via the PlayStation twitter account, where the vote was published to over 5,000 followers. When we found out Charlotte won, we were buzzing for her. PlayStation have been kind enough to give Charlotte and her family a real-life shirt each, along with her friends Olivia and Alissa who accompanied her on the trip. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the students didn’t get the opportunity to go to the PlayStation finals in May 2020 to see Charlotte produce her winning shirt. They also gave school a shirt as well which will be framed and put up on our PE wall. Everyone at Balshaw's is super proud of Charlotte for this achievement, as to win a national competition is such a massive confidence boost for her and something that she will remember for the rest of her life.


Here is what Charlotte said about the experience:

I personally believe that the time for the tops was extensive but in the end was well worth the long-winded wait. I think that the design on the tops turned out amazing and looks better than I ever expected it too. Remembering the trip, in my opinion it was one of the best outings I have ever been on and I enjoyed it greatly.


Here is what Alissa said about the experience:

When finding out that Charlotte had got to the top 10, we were shocked but very excited. The day out at West Brom, that we got to experience, was amazing and was one of the best school trips we have been on. Throughout the day, the team from PlayStation were kind and the day was enjoyable. After waiting for the kit, finally it had arrived at school. We were so excited and when we opened the box, we loved the shirt! The material and pattern is so nice.

Here is what Olivia said about the experience

When Charlotte designed the t-shirt, I really liked the pattern and colours she used which made me excited from the first moment we entered. After finding out she had won and that we get to have our own versions, I was thrilled! Waiting for the football shirts to arrive felt like forever, when we finally got the shirts in person, it was worth the wait. The shirt is really comfy and fitted perfectly which is great, meaning that I can wear it at any time. The pattern was good on the first design, but it has come out even better on the actual thing.


You can read more about the competition in our previous news article here: https://www.balshaws.org.uk/news/2020-02-14-charlotte-the-champion


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