Admissions Appeals 2023

Our admissions are managed by Lancashire County Council Admissions Authority. If you would like to appeal against an admission decision, please access the appeals form via the following link: Appeal against an admission decision - Lancashire County Council.

We have been informed by Lancashire County Council that there is a deadline of 10th March 2023 for applicants to request a place on the reserve list. Requests received after that date will still be processed, however, places may already be filled. 

Balshaw's is a Voluntary Controlled State school. There are no special requirements for entry such as church attendance and the admissions are managed by Lancashire County Council Admissions Authority.

All of the information that you require to apply for your child to attend Balshaw's is in the link below. You will find information about the catchment area and boundaries and all information you may require about the process of applying for a high school for your child.


You can access the Determined admission arrangements for community and voluntary controlled secondary schools for 2024/25 in the following way:

You can find our School Prospectus documents here.

You can find details about our Curriculum here.