28 February 2023

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Year 10 and 11 GCSE Spanish students had a wonderful trip to Spain visiting the historical cities of Ávila, Salamanca and Madrid.

Whilst there, students attended Spanish lessons with native teachers as well as learning lots about Spanish history and culture.

The students were a credit to themselves and were even still speaking in Spanish on the flight home. 

Here are some of the comments from students about what they enjoyed the most about the trip:

  • Learning about the cultures of the places we went to was really interesting. The lessons with the teachers from Letras Castellanas were really good and helpful for our Spanish we learn in school. 
  • It really benefited my Spanish as the teachers spoke in Spanish the whole time and helped us to understand to listen carefully. I enjoyed being able to learn new vocab and pronunciation as if we were actually Spanish.
  • We got to speak to native Spanish speakers in real scenarios rather than in a school setting, which helped my conversational Spanish as well as learning words I had not come across before, such as ayuntamiento which means local government.
  • I immersed myself in the Spanish culture and learnt lots from the locals.
  • The thing I most enjoyed was spending time in the Spanish school as they spoke almost no English which challenged me to think of every word said. I also enjoyed our tour guide Adolfo who was most pleasant : Adolfo es mi héroe.
  • The thing I enjoyed most was the spectacular Muralla de Ávila (Ávila city wall).
  • It helped us to speak more fluently to a real Spanish people about real life things.
  • I loved learning more Spanish - it made the trip more memorable and fun.

You can see a selection of photographs below: