22 April 2022

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Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s Lenten Charity fortnight. With your help we managed to raise £3344.93 which is absolutely fantastic!

All the funds raised will be donated to Ukraine.

We were amazed to see so many contributions not just from our students and teachers but parents of our students too.

Here is a selection of the fabulous variety of fundraising events that took place during our Lenten Charity fortnight and the wonderful amounts raised. There really was something for everyone!


CL2 Fun Run After School


Students in CL2 came up with the idea of a fun run after school. They each chose how many laps of the 400 metre track they wanted to run, the least was 1200 and the most 3200! Students asked family and friends to sponsor them. Ryan from CL2 raised over £100. All the students were really supportive of each other. Their Tutor Miss Blenkinship said "I am very proud of their attitude and commitment towards this event - even when it started hailing before we started some students said they still wanted to complete it - luckily it did dry up!" CL2 raised the wonderful amount of £429.10.



CL3 Learning Ukrainian


Students were challenged to learn Ukrainian and see if they could beat Mrs Harwood and Mrs Dudley with their language skills. What an inventive way of raising money and nearly £55 was raised so it was obviously well supported.


CL9 Tuck Shop


A good old-fashioned tuck shop selling crisps, chocolates and sweets, was obviously a real hit as it helped raise over £149.


CL1 and CU4 Marbled Bookmarks


This was a joint venture from CL1 and CU4 students and their tutors. Students could go along and learn how to marble to create their own bookmark or buy one of the ready-made marbled bookmarks. This beautiful and creative activity helped raise £44 in total.


CU2 Chocolate Sales and Individual Fundraising


Students in CU2, along with Mrs Henderson, were selling delicious chocolates during break and lunch. Students did their own individual fund raising and here is a selection of their efforts.

Rhys completed a sponsored bike ride of the guild wheel with his family. Mischa completed a sponsored day of silence and Honor had sponsored day of positivity having nothing but positive thoughts and making positive comments.CU2 raised the wonderful amount of £159.44


CU8 Guess the Pet 


Students came up with the idea of asking members of staff to share photographs of their pets and these were then displayed so students could match the pet to the member of staff. What an inventive idea and great fun too! This helped to raise nearly £35.


CU9 Remote Control Car Races


This was a super speedy event that challenged students to race the remote controlled car around a handmade obstacle course in the fastest time.

This exciting event helped to raise £25.


FN5 Cake Sale


Students in FN5 decided that for their Lenten Charity Fundraiser they would bake delicious cakes to sell. You can see from the photograph below how amazing the cakes were and they helped to raise £35. Doing something yummy for money!



FN1 Ribbons for Ukraine


Students from FN1 came up with the idea of creating beautiful ribbons in the colours of the Ukrainian flag and sold them to students and staff in school. This raised an amazing amount of £261.20. Students and staff are still wearing their ribbons and they look lovely.




FN4 Sponsored 'Mile-a-day' Challenge 


Students from FN4 took part in a sponsored 'Mile-a-day' challenge. A great way to keep fit and raise money at the same time.


Charlie has raised £60 doing two runs and three walks.

Will raised around £100 (and is still currently collecting money in!) doing five runs.


So far, the students in FN4 have raised £205, with more money coming in this week!


FN7 Lolly Sales


This tutor group raised a whopping £363.05 selling lollies at break and lunchtimes!!! Another amazing example of doing something yummy for money!


FN6 PNE Signed Shirt and Tickets 


Mr O'Neill was very lucky to secure a signed PNE Top and tickets for a PNE v QPR Match. This was a very popular fundraiser with everyone and raised the amazing amount £137.50. A huge thank you to PNE for their support for our fundraiser.


WN1 Kahoot Quiz


Our Year 7 students were asked to take part in a week of Kahoot quizzing each day that culminated in the top 3 winners taking part in a championship quiz! Using brain power helped to raise a splendid £47.80


WN4 Beat the Goalie


Students from WN4 were encouraging other students in school to try and 'Beat the Goalie'!

This energetic event helped to raise nearly £70. We wonder how many people were successful in beating the goalie?!


WN5 Easter Hamper


WN5 Tutor group created this beautiful Easter goodies hamper for their raffle prize. They were able to raise £106.43 which is excellent.


WN7 Lollipop Sale


WN7 sold lollipops during break and lunch to students in school. This simple but effective fundraiser was obviously a very popular as it raised £143.63!


We are so very grateful to everyone for all their ideas, support and donations. We couldn't do any of this without you! We hope that our Lenten Charity fortnight will be just as successful next year!