8 July 2022

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In June there was a school trip to the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham for our Year 8 and 9 students. This is an exciting free event for students, aged 11-14, to learn more about the world of STEM. 

Over the course of the day students were able to explore the arena to enjoy the range of activities and events. There were various career talks and demonstrations from engineers, bakers, NHS and army staff too.

The students enjoyed the interactive activities that included slime club, drone flying and coding workshops among others. 

The feedback from students was extremely positive, as well as being fun, they learnt a lot throughout the day. They were excited to speak to the exhibitors about careers that they wished pursue in the future. 

All our students behaved brilliantly throughout the day and were already excited about going again next year!

Miss Hunkin

Please see feedback from the students and photographs from the day below:

I really enjoyed the Big Bang Trip because it was situated in a big arena and there were many of different activities to do. Firstly, I went to a talk where four people talked about their roles in STEM then I went to a Specsavers where I learnt about the diseases that can occur in the eyes. After that, I went to a national grid stall where I learnt about energy then I went and learnt how to make slime. I went and had a VR experience where I felt like I was a pilot doing missions and then I made slime again. – Jess B


I just would like to say that the Big Bang trip was one of the best trips I have been to for a long time and I learned so much during that time and I had so much fun. I listened to lots of people and all the experiences they had and I learned about the eyes and the different diseases you can get, I also learned about how electricity is controlled and how it is transported to our houses and I found out that you can take lots of different paths to get the job you want there isn't just one way. Thank you so much for letting me come on this trip it has been the best trip I have been to. – Jasmine B


At the Big Bang fair I looked at the aerospace, radiation, reusable energy, trainline and unboxed stands. I liked the unboxed place the most as it showed you could be creative in everything and lots of people in history have been even if it hasn’t been noticed. – Sophie T


I really the big bang trip because of the experience with my friends. Also I enjoyed the actives such as looking at what other people’s roles are in STEM. The other actives are making slime ,VR headsets and looking at energy in UK and how it works – Megan F

You can read more about the Big Bang Fair here.