26 July 2022

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For the first time this year we decided to do a cross curricular trip with History with the main focus being the Liverpool Docks. The aim of the trip was to look at how Liverpool has changed from an industrial area to what it is today. This included looking at the history of how and why it has changed.

So on a windy Wednesday in July we took 54 students and 5 staff to conduct field sketching on the docks to look at the local area and try to look for clues of former industrial use, linking to their Geography lessons on urbanisation. They visited the Liverpool Museum to take a look into the history of the city, the importance of the city to the UK and how it has changed over time. Next was a visit to the Maritime Museum, where they were able to look at Liverpool during the war which was a good opportunity for pre-learning for the curriculum covered in Year 9. Finally, a visit to the International Slavery Museum, where they looked at how slavery has impacted the UK geographically from a historical context.

You can find a selection of reports below from students who went on the trip:

I really enjoyed our trip to Liverpool. I thought it was very interesting and I was able to learn a lot. My favourite part of the trip was the Maritime Museum, particularly the International Slavery Museum as it showcased many important parts of African culture yet discussed some of the negative history of the city. The day was eventful and informative, and I am very glad I went.
Millie Blackwell

On the trip to Liverpool, we first went to the world museum were we learnt about the different ages including bronze and iron age. We also looked at how there was a time in Europe where you could just walk to different European countries due to our oceans being frozen over. When we had finished we sat in front of the docs and did a field sketching of what we could see. After that we then went to the maritime museum, where we first looked at the battle of the Atlantic and Lusitania. The next floor consisted of the topic of the Titanic where we learnt about when and why the tragedy occurred. The last floor of the Maritime Museum was all about slavery and what people actually went through during the horrible period. Throughout the day we had to fill out booklets which were a bit like a high school version of a “treasure hunt”. We had to search round both museums and find where the answers were.
Will McGurty

I would just like to start by saying thank you to you and all of the trip leaders for the time and efforts put into making the trip possible; it was a great day and an amazing trip. My review would be that it was very effectively placed to the two museums that we went to. They were full of knowledge and perfectly depicted the vibrant cultures that it taught us about. Some parts of the trip reflected the learning that we are currently doing in History. Overall, the day was very beneficial to my learning.
Isabel Pearson

We started the day by going to the museum that was about the history of Liverpool. I enjoyed it because it showed us what they imported into the docks and what they would eat or the weapons that they used during the war.

The second museum was my favourite because it was about the Titanic and its sister, the battle of the Artic and slavery. It had a model of the Titanic and a list of all the people on it and if they died or not. It also had lots of facts about it sinking for example it took around 2 hours to sink.
Heidi Rogerson.

All in all a good day and we will look forward to running the trip again next year!