20 July 2023

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The Performing Arts department along with 50 wonderful students and a team of amazing staff staged Matilda JR. in July 2023.

The production was double cast to accommodate the sheer amount of talent that we have in school and the cast performed 3 times to sell out audiences of over 200 people per night. They also performed for two local primary schools along with some singing performances at our Summer Fair and #Balfest event in July.

Here are a couple of comments from the audience were as follows:

May I congratulate everyone involved in tonight's performance. It was electric. Full of energy, vim and vigour. Some excellent individual and ensemble performances. It was a joy to see so many talented children working together to create such a great show. 

You did a fantastic job with the shows. 

You know you have set the bar now though right!  Looking forward to the Hollywood level production next year.

Here are a selection of photographs from the wonderful performances: