23 May 2024

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On Thursday 16th May, students from Years 7&8 attended a sell-out performance of Little Shop of Horrors at The Bolton Octagon.

Please read William's review and enjoy Hattie's pictures. She even managed a photograph with one of the actors!


On Thursday 16th of May, Year 7&8 went with the drama department at Balshaw's to watch Little Shop Of Horrors at the Octagon Theatre in Bolton.

We all had an amazing time watching the performance. The experience was completely immersive, as we surrounded the stage. The use of the set was extremely good. The way the actors acted like they were outside, even though the "inside" was a few meters away, was absolutely incredible.

Matthew Heywood did an incredible job as the puppeteer of Audrey II, making it look extremely flush and realistic, alongside making the plant's movements comedic. He was extremely good at bringing the plant to life in a comedic and realistic way. He also did an amazing job as the tramp at the start, especially when he slammed his face against the door before he walked off.

Speaking of Audrey II, Anton Stephans was amazing when playing his character. He did an incredible job as the voice, and even when he wasn't playing the plant, he still brought lots of laughter and enjoyment to the show. His voice was amazing, with great control and range and did an amazing job. He was simply incredible, right through to his exit.

Zweyla Mitchell Dos Santos, Janna May and Chardai Shaw were amazing at their roles. Their multitasking with their instruments, alongside their dancing, captivated us and many more in the audience. They did so much during their performance that made the play that much better.

Matthew Ganley was awe-inspiring. His voice was incredible, but his acting was above and beyond. The number of roles he played and how well he acted them was incredible. His performance as Orin was amazing, his death probably the highlight of his performance.

Andrew Whitehead was great during his role as Mr Mushnik, right through to his death. He was extremely funny, especially during the adoption scene.

Oliver Mawdsley put on a captivating show, everything about him being absolutely amazing. His accent was incredible, and he used both his voice and his actions to show his emotions to the entire audience better than many others. He sang his songs incredibly and with heaps of emotion, creating a true bond between him and the audience.

Laura Jane Matthewson was honestly unbelievably good. Her voice was like no other and her blend of emotion, seriousness and sense of humour was amazing. She brought a whole new sense of awe and surprise every time she entered the stage.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed watching Little Shop Of Horrors at the Octagon Theatre and it was an experience we are very unlikely to forget!

William M Year 8.