18 July 2022

Year 10 Science - Microbiology

The students are following the Separate Science course and this is a lesson on Microbiology.

26 November 2021

Creative Science Work!

In Science lessons, our Year 7 students have been looking at antagonistic muscle pairs and produced 3D models to demonstrate how the muscles work in pairs to cause movement.

23 November 2021

Science Club

In Year 7 and 8 Science Club, students have been looking at the density of different liquids and solids and comparing their findings.

23 November 2021

Marvellous Model Cell Science Homework

Our Year 7 students were set a challenge to find out about a specialised cell of their choice.

13 May 2021

Mission to Mars!

Year 9 science, with Mrs. Hayes, have been exploring space and the cosmos.

4 March 2021

Year 7 Spectacular Solar System Work

As NASA's rover has been exploring Mars our Year 7 students have been very busy exploring all the planets in our Solar system.

17 March 2020

Super Science Homework

As part of their Science lessons on Genetics, our Year 9 students have been exploring the issues surrounding selective breeding, using specific plants or animals as examples.

18 July 2019

Magnificent Magnetics!

Not many people know that the Earth's magnetic poles have reversed many times over our planet's history.

7 February 2019

Models of the Earths Structure

Well done to our Year 8 students for their models of the Earths structure!

11 October 2016

Year 7 Creative Cell Work