25 March 2024

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On Friday 8th March, we took 13 keen Year 10 linguists for a full day on campus to Lancaster University.

Our guide was Jack, a third year French student, who gave us a talk about where studying languages could take you, we had a Mandarin and a German taster lesson and we had a campus and library tour (we had to be so quiet in there!).

A great day was had by all!

Mrs Mackintosh

Here is what Clarisse, who is one of our students, had to say about her experience:


Hello! Guten Tag! (Good day).


When we visited Lancaster University, I found it very insightful on what I could take in the future, as a language student who wants to take it further in the future. Doing the Chinese and German courses at Lancaster was amazing and really fun as I was surrounded by people who share the same passion as me.


Although I am still in Year 10 I can’t wait to take language at college and uni. Not only were the language courses interesting but it also gave me a taster for what the uni life is like, très bien! (Very good) it was perfect! Xièxiè! (thank you).

You can see some photographs from the day below: