14 June 2024

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We were thrilled to hear that Jess B, in Year 9, is now a member of the National Youth Theatre. Jess attended a workshop, an audition and an interview to secure her place!

Jess has shared the following information about her wonderful news:


The stage school I have been attending for 11 years put me forward for auditions for the National Youth Theatre which took place on the 26th of March. We as a group took part in a workshop which built on our skillset. After which we followed through with a prepared monologue audition where the assessors examined our pieces carefully and marked it accordingly. This was a one on one audition.


I then was interviewed where I had to answer various questions based on my personality and skills so they could get a better understanding of who I am as a person.


On the 8th of May, I received an email which would reveal whether I had got a place. With over 6,500 people auditioning, those already put forward from their stage school, only 8% got a place. I got mine.


As a National Youth Theatre member, this means that I can take part in opportunities around the UK including their productions at leading theatres and on screen.


With working so hard over the past eleven years, I completely and utterly overwhelmed and exited for the future.

We are very proud of Jess and her amazing achievement and look forward to hearing more about her exciting future.