25 May 2022

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A huge well done to one of our students that came 2nd place while racing at Haydock Park.

Here is a small statement written by Will:

I started to train at a local gallops and went every night, we would walk up one lap and then gallop another the track was longer and was over a mile.

the race came I was at Haydock Park, I had walked the course with a pro jockey trainer and a former winning jockey. we trotted to the start it was four furlong, we circled at the start and then we lines up. Then the flag went down and we was off, I stayed behind one of the big ponies but we had to get in between the wings. I kept pushing on but my pony had started to run out of steam, one had passed us and I wasn't letting another one slip. we managed to finish 2nd place out of 8.

In the holidays I will be going to Doncaster racing college with my pony. It is a dream come true for me, I also have more races this year lets hope for a win this time.

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